Thank you for booking with Pinx!
Please read entirely before booking.
I am so excited to slay your lashes!
If you have any questions about booking the right set for you please reach out to me! 

Please come to your appointment with clean lashes (no makeup!) and be prepared to lay on your back the entire time of service.
NO REFUNDS, if you are unsatisfied with you lashes in any way you have 24 hours for a touch up. My products are solid and I stand on that but that doesn’t mean things happen. Communication goes a long way, reach out.
No phones pleaseit just slows us down.
My goal is to make you always excited to come back and make you as comfortable as possible!
Please do not bring any guests or children at this time.
Cancellation/Late/No Show Policy:
If you need to cancel or reschedule it MUST be done 24 hours before your appointment and may only be moved one time. If you cancel less than 24 hours your payment can not be moved and you will need to make another payment to book another appointment.
Maintenance Policy:
7-10 days MUST have 75% of lashes = 1 week maintenance
11-16 days MUST have 60% of lashes = 2 week maintenance
17-23 days MUST have 50% of lashes = 3 week maintenance

Price also will change if you have significant lash loss. Any work over 24 days old will be a full set.
I can not provide services to you if you use mascara on your extensions. If you come for a fill with mascara on then you will be charged for a full set.
You have a 10 minute window to arrive late if need be. After 10 minutes is up you will be considered a no call no show and will be canceled & rescheduled being responsible for the cost of your appointment.
My time is valuable and it will be treated as such. I understand emergencies happen, please feel free to touch base with me with questions.
Thanks so much for booking and I can’t wait to see you soon!

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